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If you’ve been searching for a way to still consume carbohydrates without spiking your insulin levels, look no further than Alkemi NCT®.

When you think of the term “alchemy,” you’re likely familiar with the ancient practice combining philosophy, mysticism, and chemistry. Originally used to describe an act of transforming base metals into noble metals, alchemy was used to describe a substance believed to grant immortality.

Alchemy can also be used to describe a process of transformation, growth, or refinement as it transmutes physical substances with the pursuit of spiritual and personal development. This transformation can include your nutrition, specifically how your body uses carbohydrates. Properly absorbing carbohydrates throughout your workout can go a long way toward producing a positive insulin response while helping you burn fat and effectively build muscle, and Alkemi NCT® from Ambrosia Collective can be one the best training partners you’ve ever had.

Burn Fat, Build Muscle

Alkemi NCT® is a unique formula designed to help you build muscle using carbohydrate absorption and was created with a one-of-a-kind nutrient conversion technology – which aims to properly absorb carbohydrates to control insulin response while effectively helping to burn fat and build muscle.

Powerhouse of Ingredients

Alkemi NCT® contains a powerhouse blend of ingredients to facilitate the consumption of carbohydrates without spiking insulin levels.

Chromax (100mcg) was formulated using Chromium Picolinate, used to improve cognitive function, weight and hunger management, and for mood control and metabolism of glucose. Its health benefits include:

Glucose metabolism and insulin resistance

Bodyweight control and management

Cholesterol control

Improved cardiovascular health

Controlling energy metabolism

Maintenance of cognitive functions

As Chromax is absorbed into the bloodstream, its unique structure promotes insulin function, leading to efficient carbohydrate metabolism, reduced calorie intake and improved muscle maintenance when in a fat-loss state.1 Studies have shown Chromax may in fact reduce food intake by up to 25% while reducing cravings for high-fat foods in non-diabetic overweight women.2


ProCynCi® (150mg) is an extract of Cinnamomum cassia with health benefits that include:

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels

Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels

Helps to lose bodyweight

Manages postprandial blood sugar spikes

Supports digestion and detoxification

Maintains blood pressure

Studies have indicated ProCynCi to be extremely effective in lowering blood sugar levels compared to standard cinnamon extracts.3 As a 100% natural, food-grade and clean label patented technology that enhances solubility, stability, and bioavailability, ProCynCi makes nutrient absorption more efficient at the cellular level for rapid action.4


InSea2® (125mg) helps combat the harmful effects associated with overconsumption of added sugars in our daily diet. As demonstrated in numerous clinical studies, InSea2 helps maintain good glycemic health. As an all-natural ingredient that transforms dietary carbohydrates into glucose, InSea2 has been shown to help reduce glycemic stress by up to 48.3% from first use.5

In a study conducted on 175 patients with type 2 diabetes, InSea2 was shown to help reduce glycated hemoglobin.6 As a result, post-meal blood glucose levels were reduced along with insulin levels. Carbohydrates can be controlled in a positive manner instead of actively raising post-meal blood glucose levels.


GlucoVantage® (100mg), also known as dihydroberberine, is an active metabolite of berberine. Its health benefits include:

Supporting healthy blood sugar levels

Promoting positive insulin sensitivity

Improving body composition

Research conducted on GlucoVantage has shown that it helps disable fat-burning mechanisms with a large amount of carbohydrates and a large insulin spike.7 Results showed that four doses of 100mg of dihydroberberine resulted in greater concentrations of plasma berberine across two-hour measurement windows when compared to 500mg doses of berberine or placebo.8 Overall, berberine, the active ingredient in GlucoVantage, has been shown to optimize blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and improve body composition.


Banaba Leaf (10% corosolic acid 100mg) has been shown to provide a number of anti-diabetic properties while offering a number of other health benefits, including:

Controlling blood sugar levels

Antioxidant activity

May help to curb obesity

Can reduce the risk of heart disease

Protect against kidney damage

Corosolic acid, the active ingredient in banaba leaf, increases insulin sensitivity, enhances glucose uptake, and has an enzyme that helps digest carbs.9 One study showed that individuals receiving corosolic acid had lower blood sugar levels for one to two hours after performing an oral glucose tolerance test compared to control groups.10


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